What Are Swimming Pool Disinfectants

What Are Swimming Pool Disinfectants

To ensure the quality of swimming pool water, a filtering system alone is not sufficient. Non-professional users of private pools can take certain measures to control or prevent the growth of organisms and maintain proper disinfection. Here are some key points to consider:

Balanced Water Chemistry

Maintaining appropriate water chemistry is crucial for effective disinfection. An adequate active chlorine level is required for sanitizing the pool water and oxidizing contaminants. The active chlorine (free chlorine) disinfectant kills disease-causing organisms and eliminates ammonia, nitrogen-containing contaminants, and swimmer waste. The pH of the pool water should be between 7.2 and 7.8 to ensure sufficient active chlorine levels. Total alkalinity helps buffer the water against sudden pH changes.

Stabilizer for Outdoor Pools

In outdoor pools, a stabilizer is used to reduce chlorine dissipation caused by sunlight. This helps stabilize the chlorine level and maintain consistency. Cyanuric acid is commonly used as a stabilizer and can be added separately or found in stabilized chlorine granules or tablets. However, excessive cyanuric acid can reduce the effectiveness of chlorine, so it’s important to avoid adding too much. If the cyanuric acid level becomes too high, refreshing the pool water is necessary.

What Are Swimming Pool Disinfectants

Disinfectant Products

Several disinfectant products authorized for controlling microorganisms and algae are available. Most of these products are chlorine-based and come in the form of tablets or granules. Calcium hypochlorite, in the form of granules or tablets, is effective in controlling microorganisms and clearing algae. However, when used alone in an outdoor pool, it can be challenging to maintain adequate chlorine levels. Combining calcium hypochlorite with a stabilizer, such as cyanuric acid, helps reduce chlorine dissipation.

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