Rodent Control: Why Pest Control Professionals Should Handle a Rodent Infestation

Rodent Control: Why Pest Control Professionals Should Handle a Rodent Infestation

Rodents like mice and rats can take up residence in your house if you are not vigilant. They will come looking for food, water, and nesting materials. Identifying the presence of these rodents is not always easy. That is why an infestation can occur before you spot a few rats or mice in your house. Rats and mice are intelligent creatures, so they set up camps in your house without being noticed for a while. Sadly, these rodents are not difficult to control once they are inside your house. This requires contacting a pest control team to address an active infestation for you.

Reasons Rodents are Difficult to Control

A rodent infestation is something that only experts should handle. Not handling the problem properly can lead to more issues such as widespread contamination and increased rodent activity. Below are specific reasons why rodents are never easy to handle:

  • Rats are bigger than mice. Traditional rodent traps present size-related issues. Usually, they are not the ideal size to capture rats. If you realize you have a rodent issue, you may not know whether mice or rats are infesting your house. You may set out glue or snap traps. But common traps do not work with rats. The size of a rat can be two times the size of a house mouse.
  • Species of rodents have varying diets. To draw rodents, rat traps rely on bait. Usually, putting out cheese or smearing on peanut butter does not work. This may be because various rat species consume various kinds of food. For instance, black rats consume plant-based food and are not drawn to cheese.
  • Rats are clever. When rats discover the presence of traps in their environment, they will avoid it for the time being. Rats are suspicious of anything new.
  • Rats travel carefully. These rodents scurry along fences and walls and don’t dart out in visible parts of a room or yard. Because it can be difficult to identify the favorite pathways for rats, this can make it harder to trap them.
  • Rodents reproduce quickly. Traditional trapping techniques cannot eliminate a full rodent family because rats, for instance, can reproduce every 21 days. These rats will continue to procreate, which makes your issue worse when you set and monitor traps.

Why Do You Have a Rat or Mouse Issue?

Rats and mice infestations are quite common in areas that are near open trash cans or dampers and have poor sanitation. Also, they may get into your house if you have garbage bins, compost bins, or bird feeders. Aside from poor sanitation, rats and mice can infest your home to seek shelter. This can happen if your house lacks upkeep to windows and doors. Small window crevices can go unnoticed for a long time. Rats and mice can use these crevices as entry points. In addition, rats and mice will infest your home to find sources of food, water, and nesting materials.

To keep rats and mice out, make sure to know what attracts them. These include a dark, damp area that has narrow spaces between furniture. Also, these rodents are drawn to food left out overnight, and canned goods that are left sitting at room temperature.